Alejandro Leibowich

It is about an idiot god who seems to lose control and a sphere where live of people who may be too susceptible. So who is more idiotic and who is more susceptible. It remains for your free interpretation. The additions to the final mix in addition to the voice of Dylan Thomas, who quotes some things, and "mixes" with the god, are taken from a story that actually happened. It was somewhere in what is known as Greater Buenos Aires, where people believed that the apocalypse had arrived, with the trumpets and the four horsemen included.  

The exercise of existence begins when I met you. There is no past, since it is unknown to me. It is not my past, and even if you told me about it, I would not know for sure if it is truly yours. I don't know about future, but we can look for it. Somebody must know him. And don't try to find ego, because he don't know you too. Because the percentage of your material world am I, your present. I can't give you more and I hate fairy tales. 

Alejandro Leibowich 

            Sayat Nova Eshxemed (Zeppelina C. in Everan)

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Anecdotario Urbano

Sitio Web Cultural en Lengua Española Dedicado a la Música, Literatura, Filosofía y el Cine.  (Coordinador a cargo del Sitio)

Video experimental realizado por Carolina Diez. Nombre original "Poema Mudo" (2018). Rosario, Argentina. Reinterpretado en Madrid, España (2020). "No importa lo que hicieron de nosotros sino lo que hacemos con lo que hicieron de nosotros. El ser auténtico se vuelve libre al volverse ser responsable de sus actos". 

Jean Paul Sartre (El ser auténtico)     

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